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Lister Petter
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Lister Petter Powered Diesel Generators

G.E.M.S Power Generation built with Lister-Petter engines assembled to be of compact, easy to use, reliable, clean, and long-lasting. The generators powered by Lister-Petter coupled to synchronous alternator whether prime power or standby power proved to operate in any weather conditions and at various facilities.

Powered by Lister-Petter diesel engines which are assembled for a wide range of applications, Lister-Petter has consistently set the standard in innovation, quality and reliability. Generators powered by Lister-Petter are easy to maintain with a perception emphasizing on flexible design and reliable operation.

Lister-Petter powered by gensets with 2, 3 and 4 cylinder have some main features as the excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics, high quality and reliability & profitable fuel and oil consumption.

Lister Petter
Specification Chart Lister Petter Logo
Model spacer PRP spacer MP spacer Engine spacer Anlternator*
GPG 5LP spacer 4.5 spacer 5 spacer LLP4.5 spacer Alternators
GPG 10LP spacer 10 spacer 11 spacer LPW2 spacer Alternators
GPG 15LP spacer 15 spacer 16 spacer LPW3 spacer Alternators
GPG 20LP spacer 20 spacer 22 spacer LPW4 spacer Alternators
GPG 25LP spacer 25 spacer 28 spacer LPWT4 spacer Alternators
GPG 30LP spacer 30 spacer 33 spacer DWS4 spacer Alternators
* Alternator confirmation subject to the availability at the time of order.
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home profile products services & parts turnkey solutions contacts request a quote
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